Environment División

• Diagnosis, evaluation and management of pollutants in air conditioning in buildings and vehicles.
• Diagnosis, evaluation and management of pollutants in manufacturing processes,
_warehouses and processing plants.
• Biosafety in production processes.
• Evaluation and management control of air pollutants, water and surfaces.
• Evaluation of pollution control and management of aquaculture production
_processes, agriculture, wine, paper and board, etc..
• Pollution Control wineries, chambers of maintenance, ice silos.
• Engineering in industrial pollution
• Engineering in environmental decontamination
• Engineering decontamination production processes
• Industrial wastewater disinfection

• Maritime Awards
• Environmental Impact Statements.
• Waste Management Plan Hazardous
• Sectoral Environmental Permits
• System of Environmental Impact Assessment

Aquaculture Division

Advisers in Aquaculture (fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae)

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Diagnosis, evaluation and management of pollutants.

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Cleaner Production Division

Cleaner Production in Production Processes

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